October Newsletter 2017

What we are learning in October!

Reading/Social Studies/Science:

Our Daily 5 is up and running in our classrooms!  Be sure to ask your child about Reading-to-self, Reading-to-someone, Listening-to-reading, Word Work, and Writer’s workshop!  We also will be introducing fiction and non-fiction books. We will be working on retelling stories using details including setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end; problem and solution.


This month we will learn about:


How Things Move: Forces and Motion


Phonics/Word Families

Short e, ell, et, en

Short u, ug, un, ut

Short vowels, ch and qu

Vowel Men at the end (hi, me, my)

Giant All: ball, tall, call


  • Describe a given 2-D shape by its attributes.
  • Identify 2-D shapes by their name and properties.
  • Find different combinations of 2-D shapes to fill an outline.
  • Compare and sort 2-D shapes by their attributes.
  • Describe and compare 3-D shapes by their attributes.
  • Match 3-D shapes with the outlines of their faces.


We will continue Writer’s Workshop as we learn to write about science and “Writing for Readers.” 

October Spelling Words:

October 2-6

She, yet, then, we, yes, get, tell, do, red, when

  1. Do we like pets? Yes!
  2. When did she get this shell?

October 9-13

Two, help, fun, sun, hug, bug, shut, cut, ducks, cups

1. She has two ducks.

2. She helps with the cubs.

October 16-20

me, too, for, chop, much, that, chip, quack, quit, vans

1. That cat is too quick for me.

2. I cut my chin on the rocks.


October 23-27

many, there, zoo, he, go, no, shy, by, hi, why

1. Why did so many kids go to the zoo?

2. He and she can go there with me.


 October 24-28

over, cannot, see, ball, tall, all, did, yes, them, him

1. I can hit the ball over the wall.

2. Did you see him fall in the hall?

Don’t Forget…Mark Your Calendars!


10/2 Chick-Fil-A Calendar Sale Begins


10/3 Progress Reports


10/6, 20 School Store


10/10 “The Sweetest Thing” Spirit Evening 3-9 pm


10/16-20 Book Fair!


10/16 Skate Night 6:30-8:30 pm


10/17 Chick-Fil-A Night


10/20 Chick- Fil- A Calendar Sale Ends


10/26 Early Dismissal


10/27 Teacher workday- No school! Parent/Teacher conferences