September Newsletter 2017

What we are learning in September!

Reading/Social Studies/Science:

Daily 5 is our reading time in our classroom!  This is the time when your child will be Reading to self, reading to someone, listening to reading, working on writing, and word work.  This is the time when teachers and assistants can pull small reading groups to work with your child on their reading level.  We want our students to learn to be independent readers.  We have worked really hard to learn about Daily 5 in our classes!  Be sure to ask your child about their book basket and how they ‘Read-to-Self’! 



This is our phonics program that is used in K-2nd grade!  We will continue learning new sounds and stories about the Letterlanders.  Your child’s spelling words each week will be from our Letterland unit.  This month we will learn:

  • Short a word families with ‘Annie Apple’
  • ·-ck sound with ‘Clever Cat’ and ‘Kicking King’
  • Short i word families with ‘Impy Ink’
  • Short o word families with ‘Oscar Orange’


  • Counting numbers to 20, forward and backward
  • Ordering numbers
  • Comparing numbers
  • Addition



We have started Working on Writing during Daily 5 in our classes!  Ask your child about their writing notebook and some of the stories they have written! 

September Spelling Words and Sentences:

Practice your words all week! We will have a test on Friday!

Sept. 6-9: the, is, my, on, a, cat, nap, mad, hat, sat

1.  The cat is on my lap.

2. The cat had a nap.

Sept.12-16:  I, like, and, can, sack, back, pack, ran, van, Pam

1. Sam and Pam like jam.

2.  I like my backpack.

Sept. 19-23:  likes, this, to, he, win, big, pick, thin, kick, six

1.  This is a big hat.

2.  Pam likes to kick.

Sept. 26-30:  they, went, top, got, rock, wish, lock, shop, not, hot

1.  They went to the big rock.

2.  They got on the ship.


Note from the Teachers:

Your child will be bringing home an agenda and red folder each day.  Remember it is very important that you check your child’s folder and agenda for important updates!  Thank you for all your school supply donations to our classrooms!! Please send in any school information forms if you haven’t already!  We look forward to a great year!

Family FUN for September!!

Check out your teacher’s webpage!  They are linked under ‘staff’ on our Jackson Park homepage:

We will be posting lots of helpful information and dates on these websites!! ALL monthly newsletters can be found on our websites!