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Hello, I am Ms. Helms and I am thrilled to begin my fifth year teaching in 3rd grade at Jackson Park this year! I am a long time resident of Kannapolis and I also attended Jackson Park as a child from Kindergarten to Fifth grade.
After graduating high school from  A.L. Brown in 2008, I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Once I graduated college I began my teaching career at China Grove Elementary where I taught Second Grade for 3 years and then moved up to teach some of my own students for a second year in 3rd grade.
I am so happy to finally be back home in Kannapolis City Schools and at Jackson Park. I cannot wait to see what the year has in store for us!

Feel free to contact me by email or by school phone at (704) 932-4161.


College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
-Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with concentration in Science


Educational Philosophy/Vision:

I believe in teaching every child, every day. Education is very important in being successful in life. I feel it is my job and purpose to meet every child where they are at and to get them where they need to be or beyond when they walk out of my classroom. Every minute is valuable in a classroom and we must not waste time to grow every child academically, socially and emotionally.


What We are Studying:

What We’ve Been Up To!

Be sure to talk to your child every week and ask them about what we have been up to in 3rd grade!

ELA: We have been working really hard on our personal narratives. We have had fantastic discussions and ideas on how to make a capturing lead to a story and really grab our readers’ attention! Ask your child what has happened so far in their story! Coming up, we are going to be looking at character traits, meanings of the words with context clues, and inferring with illustrations. While your child is reading for homework, here are some great questions to ask: How does the illustration help you understand the story? Based on the illustration, what can you tell the character is thinking/feeling?

Math:  We wrapped up September with most of our strategies for problem solving. We have learned how to use many tools such as the hundreds board, the number line, break apart, even our tens blocks. We have looked at the different patterns in place value and are working on fluently adding and subtracting numbers in the hundreds and thousands. For the first couple of weeks in October we will be discussing more strategies to add to our place value as well as the tools that “fit our brain”. Please ask your child what strategy they prefer for problem solving. Next we will be rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. After that we will be moving into investigating the reasonableness of our answers with mental math computation and estimation strategies. Challenge your third grader and give them real world questions! For example, next time you’re at the grocery store ask them “Let’s say I bought 21 oranges about how many would I have if I took 10 away or 13 away?” Not challenging enough? - “Let’s say I bought 21 green apples and 26 red apples, about how many apples would I have in all? Watch as your child rounds those two numbers in their head and then gives you the answer! Without a piece a paper, or a pencil, or a calculator they say “about 50”!

Science:  We will continue to explore the human body and how it works. Why do we need bones? What do they do for us? What are our joints, ligaments, and tendons? How do we use our muscles?  Soon we will begin our unit on plants. 

Social Studies:  We will be discussing History, and Civics and Government. We will be learning about our community & region and how things change. 


Things parents/guardians can do to help:

Agendas and Red folders will be coming home daily. Please check these regularly for important information

Also check Class Dojo Regularly. I love using this as a way for you to get a glimpse into your child's classroom and to communicate with you quickly.

Online Resources:



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