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What We Are Learning:
Quarter 3:

Reading & Writing Skills:

-Retells familiar stories, identifies key details and main topic.

–Identifies character and setting in a story.

-Draws/dictates/writes opinion pieces.

-Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun "I"

-Sight Words (our goal for Quarter 3 is 25 sight words read!

Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces (My favorite...)

Math Skills:

-Counting by 1’s to 75

-Count on to 20 starting with numbers other than 1

-Represent numbers to 15 using numerals (written numerals or number card)

-Solve addition and subtraction word problems within 5

-Decomposes numbers less than or equal to 5 into pairs in more than one way

-sort 2D and 3D shapes into groups according to the same attributes

-Models shapes in the world by building shapes from components

Science & Social Studies Skills:


-Needs and Wants

TRC Reading Levels

         >PC- Not able to tell parts of a book

              PC- Able to tell you parts of a books

                      RB- Goal for 1st Quarter of Kindergarten

                     B- Goal for 2nd Quarter of Kindergarten

                     C- Goal for 3rd Quarter of Kindergarten

                    D-Goal for 4th Quarter of Kindergarten

                   E or higher- First grade reading levels

Support at Home

-Please read with your child every night to help them develop early reading skills.
-Review sight words and letters taught in school.  You can even start a word wall or look in your house to find letters/words to support your child throughout the school year. 
-Practice counting objects in the house and asking your child "how many" they counted.