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What We Are Learning:
Quarter 2:

Reading & Writing Skills:

-Drawing a detailed picture & labeling the picture.

–Adding a sentence to match the picture.

-Recognizing ALL letters and letter sounds

-Retells what happened in the story (beginning, middle and ending).

-Identifies the first sounds in words

Sight Words (our goal for Quarter 2 is 15 sight words read)!

Math Skills:

-Counting by 1’s to 50

-Representing and Counting objects to 10

-Comparing Sets (more. less, equal to)

-Sorting & comparing objects

-Length (comparing shorter & longer)

-Represent Addition and subtraction up to 5

-Naming 2D Shapes regardless of orientation or overall size

Science & Social Studies Skills:

-Changes in weather seasons



Wow! What a fast and furious first quarter! We have learned so much already! In Literacy, We have learned all about letters and the sounds they make and how to match those sounds to their letter symbols. We have also learned the following Sight Words: 

In Math, we're learning how to count to 25. We're also learning position words, shapes and focusing on understanding what is one more than, less than and numerals that are equal or the same as.

In Social Studies, we've been learning all about The 7 Habits of Healthy Kids. We've been learning about how to apply these habits in our everyday experiences. We've also been learning about Respect and Responsibility.

In Science, we've learned about Force and Motion. We've learned that a push or pull can make things move; a push or a pull can stop things too!

TRC Reading Levels

         >PC- Not able to tell parts of a book

              PC- Able to tell you parts of a books

                      RB- Goal for 1st Quarter of Kindergarten

                     B- Goal for 2nd Quarter of Kindergarten

                     C- Goal for 3rd Quarter of Kindergarten

                    D-Goal for 4th Quarter of Kindergarten

                   E or higher- First grade reading levels

Support at Home

-Please read with your child every night to help them develop early reading skills.
-Review sight words and letters taught in school.  You can even start a word wall or look in your house to find letters/words to support your child throughout the school year. 
-Practice counting objects in the house and asking your child "how many" they counted.