What We Are Studying

Math:  October - We have quickly moved on to multiplication skill work with strategies, double digit multiplication, multiplication problem solving.  We have just begun our study of volume.

In August and September, we began our school year reviewing multiplication facts, place value (including decimals), and addition and subtraction skills.  

ELA: October - We have been practicing our reading skills with the novel Maniac Magee.  We have been working hard at using text evidence to back up our inferences and support answers to questions.  Also, now that assessments are over small group work has begun.  Ask your child about their book club book or skill group.

August/September - We start the year with the question "What do good readers do?"  We then build our reading skills by reviewing comprehension skills such as predict, infer, questioning the text, and summarizing.  

Science:  October - We have begun our unit on body systems.  Ask your child about the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems.

September - We studied Genetics and Cells.  What makes you you?  What is the difference between acquired and inherited traits?  What are all living things made of?  What are the major differences between unicellular and multicellular organisms?

August - We spent a small amount of time reviewing the scientific method and figuring out what scientists do.  

Social Studies:
October - We have begun our unit on early people and American Indians.  We will cover the major regions of Native Americans across the United States.

August/September - Geography and map skills -- What are the continents and major oceans of the world?  What direction do you need to travel to get from one place to another?  What are the different regions of the United States?  How does geography connect to science, language arts, and even math?

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