Sport Units/ Activities

         Jackson Park Elementary

This is an overview of the units and activities we will be doing this year. If you have any questions about what an activity or game is, or how it is played do not hesitate to ask! Check out the photo gallery to see the games in action!

Sport Units:
-Floor Hockey

Tag Games:
-Buffalo Bill Tag
-Vampire Tag
-Toilet Tag
-Blob Tag
-Bean Bag Tag
-Bug Off Tag
-Temple Tag
-Rock Paper Scissor Shoot Tag
-Elbow Tag

- Around the World
- Turkey Pen
- Battle Ship
- Mazeball
- Parachute Games
- GAGA ball
- Clean your room
- Jump Rope Activities
​- Scooter Relays
​- Elimination
​- Run for 30
​- Grab IT
​- Mission Impossible
​- Hungry Hungry Hippo
- Fitness Gram
- Builders vs Bulldozers