Class DoJo


Class Dojo is a teacher tool we will be using to help build your student’s learning habits and boost classroom engagement.  Class Dojo allows us to track student behavior and learning skills throughout the day!  This is a school wide behavior management program.  Students will receive points when going above and beyond in the classroom.  Each time a student is noticed going above and beyond they will earn a dojo point.  When students do not make a good choice they will lose a dojo point.  Every day in their agenda students will record positive and negative dojo points. Please make sure to check your child’s agenda daily and initial.


Dojo Points:

Outstanding Day: 7,8,9

Great Day: 5, 6

Good Day: 3,4

Ready To Learn: 0,1,2

Think About It: -1,-2

Teachers Choice (loss of student time): -3, -4, -5

Parent Contact: -6


Our hope is that this will strengthen the home and school relationship and help you better understand the progress of your student on a week to week basis.                             


Parents Can CONNECT to DoJo!!

Look for the Parent Invite with your child’s activation code. (If you do not see it, or have misplaced it, just let us know and we can send another copy!)  You may also receive an email inviting you to join our class!  You can access your child’s points and see exactly what they earned or lost points for each day! 

We use the DoJo messenger frequently to send out reminders or personal messages about your child.  This is a great way to stay connected, as we can send messages throughout the day! 

Class Story is another great feature that we can upload pictures of special events or fun things going on in our classroom!  It is always fun to see what we are doing! 


We look forward to all the great things Class DoJo will offer our class this year!