‚ÄčClassroom Dojo

To ensure an environment conducive to learning, Jackson Park Elementary has adopted the Classroom Dojo program.

I have found assigning different values to various actions very effective.

 +5 - Completing all weekly homework
 +3 - Being respectful, Compliments from others
 +2 - Best effort, Completing daily homework, Using new vocabulary, Positive behaviour in Special classes, Remaining quiet in bus room
 +1 - Following directions, Being responsible, Active participation, On-task, Positive attitude, Teamwork, Positive behaviour in intervention group, Appropriate posture, Safe actions

 -1 - Unprepared*, Off-task in class, Not following directions, No red folder*,  Forgetting to ask permission, Negative attitude, Sitting inappropriately, Unsafe actions
 -2 - Talking out of turn, Negative behaviour in Special classes*, Talking in bus room, Off-task in intervention group
 -3 - Disrespectful behaviour
 -5 - Office referral

* Prior to being assigned a negative Dojo, students will write their name on a Dojo Warning List.  If the same offense occurs, the child will make a check by their name.  It is only after the offense has occurred two (2) times that the student will receive the negative Dojo point(s).  
     Exceptions:  Being unprepared (including not signing in for lunchount and attendance), Chewing gum / Eating candy, Negative behaviour in intervention group, Negative behaviour in Special classes.