Ms. Jackson


Hi!  My name is Jennifer Jackson Sangaré (Ms. Jackson) and I am very excited to be teaching 2nd grade at Jackson Park this year!

A Little About Me
I am originally from Ohio but moved to Charlotte several years ago.  I have been working at Jackson Park since January, 2015.   My favorite colors are purple and peach.  I have a beautiful black cat named Pookie Poumschkin who is 18 years old!  I also enjoy singing, dancing and travelling to learn about different cultures. 

In Ohio, I taught Kindergarten, First and Second Grade in French at a French Immersion School for 13 years.  I am fluent in French and studied in France during high school and college.  I also taught Kindergarten (English) in a STEM school for 2 years before coming to North Carolina.

My Educational Philosophy
My philosophy for instruction is based on constructivism:  learning by doing.  Children are capable of deeper understanding when they are given opportunities to explore their level of knowledge through hands-on activities.  These experiences also promote independent thinking by exposing the children to learning material via multiple modes (musical, visual, kinesthetic, etc.)

Since literacy encompasses reading, writing, listening and speaking you will find my students working in pairs and small groups to confirm, dispute and discuss in order to learn how to collaborate with orders as well as defend their own thoughts.  

My Educational Background
Literacy, M.A. Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio)
Reading Endorsement, Ohio State University
ESL Endorsement, Ohio State University
International Politics, B.A., The Pennsylvania State University
French Language and Culture, B.A., The Pennsylvania State University