February Newsletter

This month’s Spelling Words:

Feb 5-9: their, soon, tree, green, need, sleep, feel, these, next, feet.

1. Their big tree is very green.

2. I feel like going to sleep soon.


Feb. 12-16:  our, listen, eat, read, team, reach, dream, neat, real, each.

1. I will eat with our team.

2. I will listen while you read.


Feb. 19-23:  saw, give, train, mail, wait, tail, day, say, paint, afraid

  1. We saw a very fast train.
  2. Did you give her the mail?


Feb. 26-Mar.2:  one, lives, night, right, light, might, high, tight, pie, tries

1. One night I saw a big boat.

2. Nate lives right down that road.

What we are learning in February!

Reading/Social Studies/Science:

This month we will…

  • Read lots of books by Kevin Henkes and discuss how the characters are feeling and lessons/central messages we can learn in his stories
  • Learn about who is telling a story in different parts of stories, and the role of a narrator
  • In science we are learning about plants and animals…and we even have seedlings started for our school GARDEN!!



  • Mr. E with Mr. E (ee)
  • Mr. E and Mr. A (ea)
  • Mr. A and Mr. I (ai)


  • Measure various objects using different items.
  • Compare measurements
  • Develop measurement techniques
  • Understand how different sized units result in different measurements (i.e. measuring with a paperclip vs. a popsicle stick).
  • Identify and write time to the hour and half hour on a digital and analog clock.
  • Recognize the hour hand and the minute hand on a clock.
  • Partition a whole into equal parts and name each part with a fraction (halves and fourths).
  • Understand that fractions are pieces of a whole and that they are smaller.

Writing:  We have started our unit on Opinion Writing!  The kids have been so full of opinions, so now we are learning to support our opinion with 2-3 reasons!