Mrs. Klutz


     I was born in Iredell county and raised in Kannapolis. I attended Kannapolis City Schools. I went to Fred L. Wilson, Carver, Cannon and graduated from A. L. Brown High School. So yes, I am a true Wonder Fan!!! After Brown, I attended and graduated from Winston Salem State University. My first teaching experience was with Charlotte Mecklenburg County at First Ward. I began working for Kannapolis City Schools in 1990 as an assistant then left to go to CMS. I came back to KCS in 1991.  I started at Shadybrook with Mrs. Peggy Wagstaff, my eighth grade English teacher and when she moved from Shadybrook to Jackson Park, she brought me along with her to teach the resource class at JPES. So that's how I ended up teaching for this GREAT school. I have loved being a part of Kannapolis City Schools each year I have been here. 
     To complete me and the job I enjoy doing, I have a great support system around me. Which includes my awesome husband, Shelwyn and  two handsome sons, Shelwyn Jr. and Jalen, a great extended family, my church, and my co-workers. With this support it makes this job a little easier each day that I walk into the building.
College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:  I graduated from Winston Salem State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education.
Educational Philosophy/Vision:
     I believe that every student that walks through these doors is a person first and a student second and that they should be taught that way. This helps to make learning easier and a lot more fun for all types of children that you teach.  How you would want to be treated or your own children to be treated is how your students should be treated at all times.  They should be taught with love, joy and happiness each and every day you have them in your care.  
     I am excited to have your children in my class and doing push-in to the general education classes.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know you, the parents, as well as your children.  I want to make this a fun and successful year at Jackson Park for everyone. Please note that I am an ADVOCATE for the students first and formost and care about what they receive as a person and a student at JPES.  If for any reason you need to get in touch with me about anything, please feel free to call the school at (704) 933-2831, ext. 53136 or email me at